Occupational Licensing Reform

The law firm of MDM&C has created an organization to promote easier access to vocational and professional licenses regulated by state licensing boards.  A report last year by the Council of Economic Advisors found that excessive and overreaching licensing regulations are costing the US economy hundreds of millions of dollars and preventing thousands of skilled workers across the country from reaching the full potential of their chosen vocations.

The US Supreme Court has also stepped into the fray with a ruling last February that licensing boards comprised primarily of members of the regulated profession violate Federal Antitrust Law when they extend the reach of their  requirements beyond what is necessary to protect the public interest. Since that ruling a multitude of class actions and individual lawsuits have been filed challenging such overreaching by state licensing boards and the professional associations that benefit from such actions.

Overregulation is an issue that knows no political bounds. It has been debated throughout the current election season and has created allies of the most politically diverse players in both business and government. There is near universal consensus that the time has come for a major overhaul of state licensing rules that stifle the upward mobility of US workers without reducing the protections afforded to consumers.

Members of the MDM&C firm have been involved for years in efforts to assist clients in challenging unnecessary and costly regulations. That experience has been marshalled into a single practice area that will raise awareness of this issue with the publication of a bi-weekly blog entitled “Over-licensed” as well as public advocacy before state licensing boards whose regulations unnecessarily restrain access to occupational licenses. The firm will also continue to represent clients with legitimate grievances before licensing boards.

Please direct all inquiries to Lewis Goldfarb, Esq. at lgoldfarb@mdmc-law.com.