Introducing our “Over-Licensed” Blog

by Lewis Goldfarb

There appears to be a long-overdue awakening in this country regarding the restraints that “over-licensing” of occupational pursuits can impose on the economic opportunities for individual citizens, as well as the health of our free enterprise system.

As never before, licensing boards are being challenged to do a better job reconciling the legitimate objective of protecting the public with the equally lofty goal of enabling those with the skills and experience to climb the career ladder of their chosen profession without unnecessary or unfair restraint.

This “Over-licensed” blog is intended to provide news, insights and commentary on efforts to rein in the excesses of state licensing requirements and the trade associations they often protect, to insure that all citizens have a fair opportunity to pursue the vocation of their choosing. Our blog will also be used to communicate the positions of the Institute for Occupational Licensing Reform, MDM&C’s public advocacy organization dedicated to researching industry abuses and promoting best practices in occupational licensing.

In addition to this blog, we intend to pursue other advocacy opportunities to increase public awareness of issues related to over-licensing, including educational seminars, testimony before State licensing boards,  and participation in industry events.

We welcome your continued interest and participation in this blog, and more importantly in this timely subject.. Please let us know your thoughts and opinions as we work together to ensure the individual’s right to pursue the work of their choosing, which serves as a cornerstone of our democracy.